Avoiding a mistake or thinking about it. Which is best?

This is one among the pool of questions asked from me on my Quora profile. Hence, I thought to pen it down on medium as well. So, this is my take on the conundrum.

None of them are ideally best. It depends on the scenario over which the mistake is being made.

Avoiding a mistake will thoroughly trigger your brain nerves to hit the same mistake which you kept avoiding. It generally does not help us out, moreover, it makes us feel depressed and anxious all the time as we keep thinking of it, in and out.

Thinking of a mistake is equally important as avoiding it. We should not get mistaken for this thinking with procrastination and overthinking. As both of these things just slips on the topic when we start thinking of a mistake and we are unaware of it when it takes hold.

The other side of the story :

  1. There are certain mistakes that we make out of deeds that we were not supposed to and such mistakes are involuntary. We cannot do anything to rectify them on time or in the future. In that case, we should avoid the mistake.
  2. Such mistakes on which we have hold of it to rectify them on time or if rectifying them are useful in the future. Most of the time, you will see they are much voluntarily, comparatively. We should think of it and rectify them without any overthinking in either case.

Thank you